Halibut Steak 3pcs/500g

Halibut Steak 3pcs/500g

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  • Halibut is a flat, lean fish which has a firm yet tender texture.
  • For only Php600/pack of 3pcs, you get a great source of omega-3 acids, vitamin B6, B12, protein, and selenium.
  • This is great to have in your freezer for those quick, light, and healthy meals.

A quick Halibut recipe:

  1. Thaw, use paper towels to dry the Halibut
  2. Season with salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder
  3. Heat olive oil in pan on medium heat for 2mins
  4. Add the Halibut and cook for 3-4mins per side
  5. Reduce to low heat - Add butter on the same pan and heat for 2-3mins or until butter is browned
  6. Squeeze some lemon on to the fish. Drizzle some lemon butter sauce onto the halibut for 3-4mins while on low heat.


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