Daily Beef Staples Set: 1 Beef Sukiyaki & Brazilian Ribeye (2pcs)

Daily Beef Staples Set: 1 Beef Sukiyaki & Brazilian Ribeye (2pcs)

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Each set comes with:
  • 1 Beef Sukiyaki
  • Brazilian Ribeye (2pcs)
  • Gift Box

Beef Sukiyaki

  • The Sukiyaki cut entails cutting the beef thinly (around 1mm) at a right angle that makes the beef tasty and easy to bite. This makes any beef cook faster, allowing you to enjoy your meal in a very short amount of time.
  • This is perfect for your hotpot, gyudon, or other similar easy yet flavorful meals you wish to cook up. Pair it with our pork sukiyaki for some variety!

Brazilian Ribeye

  • Cut: Brazilian Grass-fed Rib-eye
  • Thickness: ¾ IN.
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Weight: varied
  • The Brazilian Grass-Fed Rib-eye is a good choice for your daily steaks mixed with much flavor from the right amount of fat and marbling intertwined with lean meat.
  • The rib-eye cut is the most tender and juicy part of the cow. It is known for great marbling, making every bite delicious and tender.

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