Meat Lovers Set (good for 2pax) - Angus Ribeye & Tenderloin

Meat Lovers Set (good for 2pax) - Angus Ribeye & Tenderloin

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Each set comes with:
  • 2pcs Angus Top Choice Ribeye (350-400g/pc)
  • 1pack Angus Top Choice Tenderloin (2pcs/pack, 270-330g)
  • 1 Gift Box (No need to add a gift box upon checkout
Our Top Choice Angus are among the top 7% of all meat awarded by USDA in terms of marbling and tenderness. You can guarantee a flavorful and tender bite in each one.

The USDA Top Choice Angus Tenderloin is a healthy, hearty option for those looking for an extra tender, delicious meal without the sinful fat. The Tenderloin cut is a lean and tender part of the cow. Typically, a whole cow will only have around 9 lbs of Tenderloin, making it the rarest and most expensive cut of beef.

The USDA Top Choice Angus Ribeye is perfect for those looking for easy to cook flavorful meat as you're guaranteed a perfect mix of fat and tender meat in each bite. It is known for great marbling, making every bite delicious and tender.

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