Superior Beef Samgyupsal Set: 1kg Angus Samgyupsal + Samjang + Kimchi + Soju

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  • Includes: 1kg angus beefsamgyupsal, 70g samjang, Kimchi, Soju
  • Beef are imported
  • Angus beef is used for a tender and quality meal
  • Each pack comes vacuum packed
  • Each slice are 3mm thick, perfect for samgyupsal marinades!

Samgyupsals are all the craze now for good reason! These are meat cut just right (at around 3mm) so it can soak in any marinade / seasoning and release loads of flavor in your mouth. 

Our angus samgyupsals are made with the best imported beef. The mix is perfect for your grill nights or your Korean meals. Easily cook these samgyupsals with a bit of salt and pepper or the marinade of your choice.

Get this set and fret no more about your dipping sauce, side dishers and drinks. This already comes with 70g of Samjang, Refrigerated and imported kimchi, and Soju!

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